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5 Tans plus 5 free

5 Tans plus 5 free

This includes our level 3,4,5,6 beds. Expire a year from purchase.

Indoor Tanning

To feel the amazing effects of tanning it is important that you take good care of your skin. We carry a full line of moisturizers and premium tanning lotions that will help you maximize your tan but also leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Healthy skin is the most important factor when developing a healthy tan. By not using indoor tanning lotion it will be much harder to build and maintain your tan. All of our indoor tanning products are designed to provide important moisture to your skin before and after you tan.

Your skin is designed to tan as a natural body function, and a tan is your body’s natural protection against sunburn. Ever noticed an open cut heals quicker when exposed to the sun? That’s because our body’s skin is designed to receive many health benefits from the sun, just as a plant does. Sunlight triggers your body’s natural production of vitamin D, which is necessary for your body’s overall health. However, being overexposed in the sun is not healthy for you. It is very important that you never sunburn because that is what causes the most damage to your skin. That's why indoor tanning is an intelligent way to minimize the risk of sunburn while maximizing the benefit of tanning. You can even use indoor tanning as a way to prevent sunburn or overexposure when you are outdoors or on vacation. our Smart Tan certified management team will help you identify your individual skin type and help you reach your tanning goal in a controlled environment.

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